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    Access Control & Security in Ireland

    GiBiDi Floor 824 Kit

    Brand: GiBiDi
    Product Code: GiBiDi Floor 824 kit
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    Gibidi Floor824 Hydraulic Underground System 24v
    180 degree rotation & limit switches (Gate leafs up to 3.0 m)

    This kit provides anti crush ostacle detection and slow down to comply with EN12453.


    1 x BA24 Professional LCD Control Panel
    1 x reciever
    2 x 4 Channel Transmitters (433 mHz)
    1 x Pair DCF180 Photocells
    2 x Self Supporting Galvanised Foundation Boxes (600kg)
    2 x Floor 824 Hydraulic 24v Jacks (180 deg )
    2 x Limit switch kits


    This kit is supplied with the BA24 proffesional LCD control panel which offers many programmable options including slow down open/close and anti crushing. It also offers the facility for safety edges to be connected to provide additional obstacle recognition which addresses requirements of EN12453. The kit is also supplied with a limit switch kit for each motor therefore negating the need for gate stops.